Thursday, October 7, 2010

I made it for them

There are so many things I dont update on my blog.
Like how the Sushi job NEVER worked out. I was done by the first shift. And how I got a new job as a waitress somewhere else. And how I quit the movie theater. Which you probably didn't even know I worked there. Or how my hair isn't blonde and short anymore. Its almost shoulder-length and brunette-ish (home dye... yeah)
Or how I am learning Japanese.
Lazy-bum desu.

Remember, I'm learning. I am not fluent, as people who speak Japanese seem to think I should be after studying for like 2 weeks. Surprise! I'm not.
And I bet many people agree with me when I say I can barely speak English, who the hell am I kidding trying to learn Japanese?! Hahaahaha.
my keyboard sucks. The 'H' keeps sticking.

If you're interested in knowing about my life, feel free to ask me things. I don't really know what to tell people because I'm socially retarded. So unless you do, all my posts will be just drawings & stuff.
Heres a really nifty video to fill more space.

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