Wednesday, October 13, 2010


for IF, again
I really enjoyed making this one, especially the little people at the bottom, I was thinking of how they could be going to or coming somewhere and at that one moment in their lives where they all crossed each other's paths without even putting much thought into it, as we do. Sometimes when I'm out in public I look at people around me and think if we had met somewhere and were forced into a situation where we would have had to speak to each other, would we develop a friendship? Would we hate each other? Could that person be the most brilliant-minded person ever?
Its late and I'm thinking weird things.

Have you ever seen a stranger who fascinated you enough to go out of your way to talk to them? What was the reaction?


  1. I have those thoughts too. I ADORE your lightbulb balloon!

  2. I usually don't talk to strangers..but I have smiled and people tend to smile's a wonderful feeling :) I like your illustration**

  3. Your illustration reminds me of those times when we're siting on an airplane.We see clouds beneath ourselves and we say :What a rainy day it should be , and yet I'm seeing the sun shining :D Cool Idea .And you're right... Who knows, maybe our best friend , is out there in the rain.

  4. very poetic image, that tells a lot of stories. Simply wonderful

  5. Really creative idea! I love the colors and way you colored the people under the raindrops!

  6. I simply love this. The lightbulb balloon and the people with the umbrellas and rain. I think weird things all the time, even when it's not late, that's where all the good ideas come from.