Monday, July 5, 2010

Grad Parties = Awesome

So the last two nights I went partying. The first night was one of my best friends' graduation party, and I wore my dress (seen above, ahem), and it was awesome. I actually danced. I never dance ok. Big deal. It was so much fun I ended up going out with them afterwards and staying out until 3am! We threw timbits at our friends' window. It was hilarious ok. Yesterday I went horseback riding and had a fancy dinner (wearing my dress. ahem.) and then had a campfire thing. We were all so wiped out by it all (and it was only 11:30 at night!) So perfect weekend? I think so. Except now I'm like this:

I can't even draw properly I'm so tired. Thats why this post is so lifeless, despite the fun-filledness of the weekend. And also its boiling hot ew. ok bye now. zzzzzzzzz

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