Sunday, July 25, 2010

So guess what? I got a job at a sushi restaurant! It was so weird because I wasn't even interviewed. They hired me as soon as I gave them my resume. I embarrassingly admit though to doing a little happy dance as soon as I left that day. Something along the lines of

So I started my training on Friday. It was a really nice place, and I've eaten there and really liked it. Its my favorite place to go actually-- and I'm not making this up in the event that my boss ends up reading this. I really do mean it.
So I told you it was nice. Big deal. First-day screw ups still apply even when you are confidant of your "super experienced food service skills". Not to mention everyone who worked there was speaking a different language and I was the only white person there...

and I'm pretty sure the translation goes something like this

Mostly because of what I happened to do when confronted with saucy-messy-madness brought on by saucy-messy-cleaning

OH and the fact that there was an all-black dress code and- well you can see what I'm wearing there, so.

I work again on Wednesday. I hope I don't mess this one up.

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